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I got so busy yesterday and today, I didn’t get time to post anything and today, with the house full of guests… Well, here I am now.  And have I got a surprise for you… a little later!

So what did I eat yesterday??? Now for breakfast, a smoothie? NO! Fooled ya! I decided to go for a bowl of “cereal” ie, a banana in some homemade almond milk and a few tablespoons of nut-based granola. For lunch, I had lovely cucumber slices garnished with some of the pâtés I made earlier in the week. For supper, one of my favorites : a Waldorf Salad. A huge plate of mixed greens which I garnished with sliced apples tossed with a few walnuts, raisins and “sour kream” (made from cashews).

That was not the surprise!!!

I woke up this morning to rush hour : get everything ready for the guests. So breakfast was a nice wild blueberry smoothie. Lunch… Ah! Lunch! Lunch took some planning but I had to try this at least once (might actually “try” it again soon…) This was my first attempt at making raw cheeze (made from cashews, rejuvelac and probiotics). Absolutely divine stuff! Smells like goat cheese, I thought. I divided the recipe up in three kinds of cheezes : garlic, paprika and au poivre (pepper-crusted). So with this wonderful ingredient I made… PIZZA!!! I had some Mediterranean Bread which served as the crust, I put some cheeze on top and a simple bruschetta topping (tomato-garlic-thyme). Popped the whole thing in the dehydrator for an hour to warm it up and … delicious! Fantastic! Wonderful! Superlatives are lacking.

As wonderful as the meal was, I fond it a bit heavy (too much dehydrated foods do not sit well with my digestive track). So a nice light, thin green smoothie for supper will do it for me.

I recommend trying out the cheeze making to anyone : its a lot easier than it appears. I am by no mean a “chef” or talented in the kitchen in any way. The recipe is from the Raw Food Community Forum, if you want to try.

Have a lovely weekend, until next time!



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