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Well on this last day of the challenge, I’m as busy as ever with the house full of teenagers. So, run, run, run! I’m not going to talk about what they ate (not raw fare, I can tell ya!).

I had my usual smoothie for breakfast (raspberry, if I recall correctly). Lunch consisted of Collard Rolls some with pâté and some with Cheeze. Still delicious, accompanied with lots of fresh veggie sticks, rolled in and on the side.

Supper was a simple salad. No time to fuss over anything else. Pile it on and eat in good company!

That’s it folks! It’s been a blast. Hope this helps demystify a bit what a raw foodist’s menu looks like. My usual menu can go to a lot simpler; this week I felt like experimenting. And I’m glad I did: I discovered raw Cheezes, which have a very authentic cheesy taste and smell to them. I did miss cheese, I have to admit, but since milk products are a big no-no for me, I had given up on them.  

A change of pace is always nice and it keeps things fresh, tasty and new!

Thanks to SimplyRaw for organizing this Challenge!

Have raw-some days!



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Hey there fellow raw foodies!

Here I am doing my famous “chair dancing” and typing away! This is fun! I’m having loads of fun with this challenge. Since I describe all I eat to the world (albeit, a small world!!!), I tought I should at least try some new things this week.

For breakfast, same old smoothie. I like those in the morning. So I made one with almond milk (home-made), a banana and maca. Delish, and filling.

Sushi! Never had those before. So I made myself three kinds of pâtés (one curry, one cilantro and one sesame) that I plan to reuse in different dished this week. I had some sprouts (alfalfa and another more complex blend) and I julienned some carrots, radishes and red pepper. Rolled all that up in nori sheets. I also made a very nice Nuac Cham (dipping sauce) to dip my precious rolls in. Exquisite! Lunch never tasted so good!

For supper, I made myself a nice kale salad, with olive oil and lime dressing. Nice and simple. Toppings included radished and yellow peppers. And olives.

My flu is getting a real beating out of all this nutritious food I’m throwing at it! I’m almost all-better. Compared to the rest of the family, I’m doing a lot better. I wish they would eat my “rabbit-food”! They’d be less sick, I think!

Anyways, that was my day food-wise. I have tons of work to do so I’ll get to it. I’m trying to set up support and help for all the francophones that would like to go raw (full or part-time). Lots of work, I tell ya!

I can’t provide any photos : I broke my camera (dropped it on the floor!). Sorry!

Hope your days were all as fun as mine was! Keep the Challenge alive! Blog on!



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