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Well on this last day of the challenge, I’m as busy as ever with the house full of teenagers. So, run, run, run! I’m not going to talk about what they ate (not raw fare, I can tell ya!).

I had my usual smoothie for breakfast (raspberry, if I recall correctly). Lunch consisted of Collard Rolls some with pâté and some with Cheeze. Still delicious, accompanied with lots of fresh veggie sticks, rolled in and on the side.

Supper was a simple salad. No time to fuss over anything else. Pile it on and eat in good company!

That’s it folks! It’s been a blast. Hope this helps demystify a bit what a raw foodist’s menu looks like. My usual menu can go to a lot simpler; this week I felt like experimenting. And I’m glad I did: I discovered raw Cheezes, which have a very authentic cheesy taste and smell to them. I did miss cheese, I have to admit, but since milk products are a big no-no for me, I had given up on them.  

A change of pace is always nice and it keeps things fresh, tasty and new!

Thanks to SimplyRaw for organizing this Challenge!

Have raw-some days!



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You thought I had bailed out???? Not a chance! Just got too busy to blog yesterday. I have a extremely busy week-end in front of me and only a few minutes to write this (ever tried to wrestle a sick teenager for the computer when his-mom-just-bought-him-a-new-game-the-day-before?!?).

Yesterday, I had a Berry Cream Mylkshake for breakfast consisting of three kinds of wild-harvested berries (blueberries, raspberries and blackberries). Divine!Image taken from RawFreedomCommunity Forum

Lunch was made of of Collard Rolls. I used nice big collard leaves and some of the pâtés I had made earlier in the week plus tons of julienned veggies, rolled the things up and munched away happily! Very tasty. If you are a fan of cilantro, try making a pâté with it! It’s out of this world! I also had sprouts in there. (The picture is borrowed from Raw Freedom Community Forum, as my own camera is broken!)

The evening meal consisted of Fruit Medley. Basically different fruits cut up and eaten plain. I like simplicity.

Voilà! Nice and short. That was my day in the raw!

Most of the recipes I am making this week are taken from the Raw Freedom Community Forum, if anyone is interested. Carmella and her happy bunch can whip up just about any taste your little heart desires!!!

Have fun!



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Hi there!

Today, breakfast was a chocolate smoothie (had carob in it actually). I lunched on tacos made with walnuts and homemade salsa. For supper, I felt like… cereal! So I had granola (about 2tbsp of a nut-based granola) on bananas and almond milk. That was my day food-wise.

The flu is getting better. I actually got out and planted some spring bulbs!!! It was pleasant outside, cloudy with some sunshine. Then it rained after I finished (wouldn’t you know!).

This is going to be a short post. Running short on time as usual.

To your raw health!



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Hey there fellow raw foodies!

Here I am doing my famous “chair dancing” and typing away! This is fun! I’m having loads of fun with this challenge. Since I describe all I eat to the world (albeit, a small world!!!), I tought I should at least try some new things this week.

For breakfast, same old smoothie. I like those in the morning. So I made one with almond milk (home-made), a banana and maca. Delish, and filling.

Sushi! Never had those before. So I made myself three kinds of pâtés (one curry, one cilantro and one sesame) that I plan to reuse in different dished this week. I had some sprouts (alfalfa and another more complex blend) and I julienned some carrots, radishes and red pepper. Rolled all that up in nori sheets. I also made a very nice Nuac Cham (dipping sauce) to dip my precious rolls in. Exquisite! Lunch never tasted so good!

For supper, I made myself a nice kale salad, with olive oil and lime dressing. Nice and simple. Toppings included radished and yellow peppers. And olives.

My flu is getting a real beating out of all this nutritious food I’m throwing at it! I’m almost all-better. Compared to the rest of the family, I’m doing a lot better. I wish they would eat my “rabbit-food”! They’d be less sick, I think!

Anyways, that was my day food-wise. I have tons of work to do so I’ll get to it. I’m trying to set up support and help for all the francophones that would like to go raw (full or part-time). Lots of work, I tell ya!

I can’t provide any photos : I broke my camera (dropped it on the floor!). Sorry!

Hope your days were all as fun as mine was! Keep the Challenge alive! Blog on!



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Taking the SimplyRaw Challenge sounded like a perfect way to “get my feet wet” with the raw lifestyle. I’ve toyed around with going raw for the past 6 months. I’ve tried a few restaurants, and even started sprouting.

So here I am on day 3 and the thing I’m struggling with the most is staying away from high fat foods… mainly nuts. As much as I love love love fruit and salads and sprouts, I still crave the salty fatty bad-for-me foods. The closest thing in the “raw world” is nuts and seeds. I’ve read that it’s a problem most people have when transitioning. I bought some raw convenience foods that are nut-based, so that doesn’t help either. I’m usually a grain addict, and gravitate mostly towards rice, so I wanted to have something available for when the craving hit.

For me, I overindulge in high stress situations, which is quite often since I have a very high stress job (including plenty of overtime). I think the biggest challenge will be to dissect my cravings for the junk in the vending machine and realize that it’s not food I’m looking for, it’s comfort.

It should be interesting to see how the next few days play out!

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Hi everyone! Bonjour à tous!

I’ve been raw for almost a year now and loving every bite of it!!!  Why I took the challenge? That is an excellent question. I’m not sure actually. Just sounded like fun!

What a week to start this challenge on, though… I’m sick as a dog (flu season is early this year!). But, I’m glad to say, I’m looking better that the rest of my family (could it be due to all the live food I’m eating?!?). Of course, if you came up close, you’d probably think I smell like a garlic/onion patch! But I’m up for the challenge, so let’s go!!!

I had a nice and simple Banana-Coconut smoothie for breakfast.  Filled me right up and since I made extra thick, I almost felt guilty drinking it (felt like velvet going down!!) 

For lunch, I made myself a nice beet-carrot-onion-kale salad, with a lime-olive oil and dill dressing. I include some garlic in there to keep those nasty bugs at bay! And celery for crunch.

I’m rather proud of the fact that the veggies, except for the kale and celery, came from my garden. This year, I got to my carrots before the deer! So, I feel really lucky to be eating such fresh produce. Last year, I ate store-bought carrots all winter (boo!) Now, when I see deer, I see “Carrot-robber”. There still nice animals, I just wish they’d forget where my garden is!

I haven’t planned for supper yet, so, I’ll keep you posted. Hope you all have a pleasant raw day!



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Hi everyone,

Welcome to The SimplyRaw Challenge blog.  If you haven’t read through the contest guidelines yet, check out the About the Challenge tab on the top.

To get things started, please reply to this post, or write your own post to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your exposure and involvement with the raw lifestyle – are you new to the raw lifestyle?

Be as creative as possible with your posts – include photos & other images; videos; whatever you can to make this blog as colorful and interesting as possible for everyone participating.  We will be moderating posts to ensure that the site stays family-friendly.

Also, please share with us why you decided to do this challenge; and how you heard about it.

All the best,

Natasha & Mark

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